Fateh, You Are Among Your Tigers Now...

First published in Sanctuary Asia, Vol. 31 No. 3, March 2011
Fateh Singh Rathore

Photo: Tiger Watch.

How is it possible that we have lost Fateh Singh Rathore, Ranthambhore's and India's preeminent "Tiger Man"? How is it possible that tigers have lost one of their greatest champions?

Over the next days and weeks there will be many memoirs and blog posts on this site and others about Fateh--he was a mentor, colleague and friend to so many, including many children who recognized in him a pure heart.

He is recognized in an obituary in today's New York Times:


... in a brief NDTV news video about his funeral:


... in this wonderful 2007 article about him in The Washington Post:


... in an interview with him by Sanctuary:


... in a magnificent chapter devoted to him in Geoffrey Ward and Diane Raines Ward's book, Tiger Wallahs: Encounters with the Men who Tried to Save the Greatest of the Great Cats:


... please visit, and post to, a Facebook page "In Memory of Fateh Singh Rathore":


But most importantly of all, Fateh's greatest wish would be for each of us to quadruple our efforts to protect the beautiful beast in perpetuity.

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