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The Sanctuary Nature Foundation’s flagship Sanctuary Asia magazine founded and edited by Bittu Sahgal has been in continuous publication since 1981 and remains India's leading and best-loved magazine in its genre. Browse through select articles from our past issues.
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A Photographic Fieldguide to the...
Strong monsoon winds almost swept us off our feet. My friends Gnaneswar, Varun, Faiza and I seemed to have chosen the wrong day to explore .

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In Memory Of A Dhole Pack
Dr. Priya Davidar reflects on the tragic, intentional poisoning of a dhole pack she had been following in the Sigur plateau region.

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Shared Moments With A Hornbill
Samuel John spends an enviable, intimate afternoon with a courting pair of Great Hornbills.

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Courting A Rainbow Jumper
Sanjay Prasad Ganguli observes the dramatic mating rituals and hunts of a cluster of Lessert’s rainbow spiders.

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Lethal Soft Gold Of Karakoram
Endemic to the Tibetan plateau, the mystical Tibetan antelope, or chiru, offered Puskar Basu a chance sighting in Ladakh’s Shyok Valley.

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Pangolins Of Bhimashankar
Tushar Pawar recounts a memorable encounter with a wild pangolin, and elaborates on his work to protect the species.

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The Land of Rainbow Lakes
The wildlife, flora and ephemeral lakes of Bhagajang through the eyes of Rajarshi Chakraborty.

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The Sanctuary Wildlife Awards 202...
Inspirational Souls. Fearless Green Warriors. Our Nation's True Heroes. Meet the men, women and children fighting for our planet.

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Chasing the Grey Ghost: A Man in...
Nidhi Singh writes about the life and work of Shiv Kumar, a senior forest guard in the Udaipur range of Lahaul Forest Division.

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Anjaneri in Jeopardy
The biodiversityrich rocky plateau of Anjaneri, Nashik, the only conservation reserve for vultures in India, is threatened by a proposed 14 km. long road!

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Into the Wild: a Lockdown Adventu...
Follow Dhruv Mor as he and his parents meet wild inhabitants around his grandparents’ home in Yavatmal town, outside Nagpur during the lockdown.

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My Bungee Jumping Spiders
Aman Acharya studies the intriguing behaviour of jumping spiders and makes some eight-legged friends along the way!

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