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The Sanctuary Nature Foundation’s flagship Sanctuary Asia magazine founded and edited by Bittu Sahgal has been in continuous publication since 1981 and remains India's leading and best-loved magazine in its genre. Browse through select articles from our past issues.
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The Great Indian Vulture Decline
Once a vulture paradise, India has become a tomb for these magnificent birds, with a dramatic decline in their population.

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The Vulture Crisis
On September 5, 2015, birders and wildlife enthusiasts across the globe will celebrate Vulture Awareness Day.

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Purva Variyar delves into the world of biological photography to showcase natures marvels up-close.

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Camera Trapping In Bandit Land
Sanjay Gubbi shares the little-known conservation potential of the Malai-Mahadeshwara Hills at the confluence of the Western and Eastern Ghats.

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In The Face Of Sixth Mass Extinct...
Purva Variyar writes about the Anthropocene, and the fate that awaits the world at the hands of Homo sapiens.

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On toothlessness
An insight in the life of Indian Pangolin.

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The Deep Water Blues
The resilience of our marine ecosystems is being tested like never before.

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Trail of the Whistling Hunter
Dr. Kate Jenks along with her team studies dholes to secure their future.

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The Capped Monkeys Of India's Nor...
In the forests of Northeast India, you're unlikely to miss a long-tailed monkey that virtually wears a cap on its head.

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Grow Fast And Die Young - The Acc...
Following the leopards of Jawai over two years has led Adam Bannister to believe that these felines lead relatively short lives.

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The Deep Water Blues: Q&A With Na...
Executive Director of Reef Watch Marine Conservation, Nayantara Jain confesses that she has her feet on the sand and her heart in the sea. After spending se

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Waste Warriors
From humble beginnings as a one-woman endeavour to keep Dharamshala free of litter, Waste Warriors has grown into a powerful

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