Gerard Martin

Wildlife Service Awards (2011)

Herp afficionado, wildlife rescuer and educator

Gerard Martin, Founder and Director of the Gerry Martin Project, he is celebrated for his unique work with children across India. A childhood spent rescuing snakes and walking through forests led him to join the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust where he worked closely with the legendary Romulus Whitaker. In 2000, Martin became the first Indian Adventurer for the National Geographic Channel and worked with them in India until 2003, after which he joined hands with iDiscoveri Education. His mission now is to help urban dwellers connect with wildlife issues far removed from their daily lives. The ambitious programme he has launched involves a snakebite initiative that relies upon a network of the finest herpetologists in India. From animal identification to wild animal rescues and photography ventures, Gerard Martin’s contribution to nature education and conservation has been monumental.

For this we honour him.