Ranthambhore Sariska Tiger

Wildlife Service Awards (2008)

Ranthambhore-Sariska Tiger Relocation Team, Rajasthan for the delicate and very difficult task of relocating tigers from Ranthambhore to Sariska.

Somewhere between July and November 2004, the last tiger in Sariska was killed. Three years and seven months later, an ambitious reintroduction project was implemented and two tigers from Ranthambhore were translocated back into Sariska. Carefully coordinated and executed team work made the translocation possible and this involved both senior officials and foot soldiers on whom the success or failure of most wildlife conservation efforts is dependent. The tiger translocation involved coordination between the state government, scientists, forest officials and local people. The plan was jointly prepared by the WII and the Rajasthan Forest Department. WII scientists handled the Ranthambhore tranquillisation and the Sariska recovery of tigers and WWF-India helped to obtain satellite collars to keep track of the released cats. The Chief Wildlife Warden of Rajasthan, R.N. Mehrotra, credits his field staff and Rajasthan’s political and administrative leadership with this successful first step and requested that the citation and award be accepted by four members of his field staff on behalf of the Rajasthan Forest Department.