Sudhakar Solomon Raj

Joint Green Teacher Award (2010)

Professor Sudhakar Solomon Raj and Dr. Parvish Pandya have equipped their students with the knowledge they need to care for and defend nature.

Sudhakar Solomon Raj is a political science and mass media teacher at Wilson College. He founded and heads the strong and purposeful Wilson College Nature Club whose members he has been escorting to distant forests for almost three decades in an effort to make them fall in love with and defend India’s wildernesses. Teacher, friend and shaper of destinies, he encourages his students to grapple with real issues and to get involved as participants in conservation campaigns. He also helps them understand the linkages between their living and non-living heritage at sites across India.

Both these builders of tomorrow emphasise that they continue to learn even as they teach and both continue to mould and mentor hundreds of future young naturalists.

This is why we have honoured him.