Yuvan Aves

Green Teacher Award 2021

Writer, naturalist, educator and activist

A good teacher is also always a good student, and Yuvan is a testament to this adage.

At 16, he left home and took charge of his own education, instinctively blurring the boundaries between “learning, doing, teaching and living”. Within the 100 wild acres of Krishnamurti Foundation’s Pathashaala (school), on the outskirts of Chengalpet town, his innate curiosity for all things natural bloomed.

He currently co-ordinates the ‘Farm, Environment and Society’ Program at Abacus Montessori School. And his expertise in creating Earth-centric and Child-centric curricula is sought after by alternative educational institutions across India.

He practices what he preaches with fervour, and coordinates various environmental campaigns. He has written two books and several articles for publications. Those who know him, know him best for his authenticity, warmth and childlike wonder for all things wild, which he so effortlessly evokes in those around him. Perhaps Sanctuary’s youngest Green Teacher Award recipient yet, Yuvan is one of the finest, most charismatic nature educationists.