Sanctuary Wildlife Service Awards 2023


Thank you for your overwhelming response. The deadline for submission has passed. Award winners were announced on December 01, 2023.

Watch the entire Awards Ceremony here!

The Sanctuary Wildlife Awards were instituted in the year 2001 to recognise and draw national attention to the contribution of individuals working for the protection of wildlife and natural habitats in India.

Each year, we invite nominations and entries from Sanctuary readers, and the wider on-ground and online network of supporters, writers and photographers, as we search for the best and brightest in India’s biodiversity conservation canvas.

Over the past two decades, the Sanctuary Wildlife Awards have unearthed and spotlit the inspirational work of thousands of quiet Earth Heroes across the country. Last year, 10 winners from all walks of life were selected as the recipients.

Now, for 2023, we are opening nominations and entries from Sanctuary readers, which should be sent to reach us no later than September 1, 2023.

Awards are given under four categories. The criteria for each are given below:

Lifetime Service Award:

An individual whose life has been devoted to the protection of wildlife species or their habitats on the Indian subcontinent. We are in search of a true hero; someone whose life’s purpose and respect for nature can be held out as an inspiration to the youth of India.

Wildlife Service Award:

Individuals currently working in the field who have displayed extraordinary courage, dedication and determination in the arena of wildlife conservation. We are in search of inspired wildlifers, forest employees, researchers, villagers or anyone currently involved in nature conservation in the field who have set personal standards for others to follow.

Green Teacher Award:

An individual currently working to communicate wildlife and conservation values to students in Indian schools or colleges. We are in search of an individual with a missionary zeal who is setting an example for other teachers to follow. Creativity, leadership qualities and a proven track record of working with young persons in a rural or urban setting is imperative

Young Naturalist Award:

An individual between the age of 16 and 25 on August 31, 2023, who shows extraordinary caring and respect for nature. We are in search of a young naturalist or conservationist, for whom the study and defence of nature is the purpose of life, whose actions speak louder than words and who inspires hope for the future.


  • Nominations must be kept confidential from the candidate.
  • Nominations must be proposed and seconded by individuals/organisations who know the candidate well.
  • A brief note (around 500 words) on the achievements that qualify the candidate for the award should be attached along with a biographical note (around 250 words) and photographs of the candidate at work.
  • Details of specific instances/examples demonstrating the candidate’s commitment together with details of the issue he or she is tackling.
  • Press clippings/published material, if any, by or about the candidate or the candidate’s work may be included.
  • Any other supporting material for the benefit of the judges may be included.
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Watch the Sanctuary Wildlife Awards 2022 winners here!


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