The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

At Sanctuary, we combine still images and stirring words to sensitise human hearts and minds. We believe that powerful, evocative images have the power to draw out supportive human responses.

Conservation photography is an art form that has helped protect wildernesses virtually from the time cameras were invented. It is a blend of technical skills, natural history knowledge, field experience, and an innate desire to protect wild nature. The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards were instituted to showcase the contributions of India's best wildlife photographers. Every year, we receive a vast pool of stunning photographs, which reinforces the urgent need to conserve India's wildlife.

All entries go through a vigorous judging process, designed to distill the very best from thousands of hopefuls. Our panel of judges this year include:

  • Bittu Sahgal, Editor, Sanctuary Asia
  • Steve Winter, National Geographic conservation photographer
  • Dr. Anish Andheria, conservation photographer and President, Wildlife Conservation Trust
  • Nayan Khanolkar, educationist, naturalist and wildlife photographer
  • Prasenjeet Yadav, Natural history and science photographer
  • Himanshuu Sheth, Commercial and Travel photographer
  • Dr. Parvish Pandya, Director, Science, Natural History and Photography, Sanctuary Asia
  • Lakshmy Raman, Executive Editor, Sanctuary Asia

The judges will be looking for originality, conservation value, technical quality, subject matter, aesthetics, rarity, mood and action.

Images taken in the wild that best depict Sanctuary’s descriptor: ‘Call of the Wild’ are suitable for submission.


Before submitting your entries, please go through the full submission details and our terms and conditions by clicking on 'View Details' below.

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