The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2020


Date: December 19, 2020

Time: 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (IST)

Registration closed.

At Sanctuary, we combine still images and stirring words to sensitise human hearts and minds. We believe that powerful, evocative images have the power to draw out supportive human responses.

Conservation photography is an art form that has helped protect wildernesses virtually from the time cameras were invented. It is a blend of technical skills, natural history knowledge, field experience, and an innate desire to protect wild nature. The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards were instituted to showcase the contributions of India's best wildlife photographers. Every year, we receive a vast pool of stunning photographs, which reinforces the urgent need to conserve India's wildlife.

All entries go through a vigorous judging process, designed to distill the very best from thousands of hopefuls. Take a look at our panel of judges below.

Take a look at the winning images!

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About the Judges

Bittu Sahgal
Editor, Sanctuary Asia

He is the Founder of the Sanctuary Nature Foundation, Editor of Sanctuary Asia, India's first and largest circulating wildlife and ecology magazine (1981) and Founder-Editor of Sanctuary Cub (1984), India’s oldest and only wildlife magazine for children. He has spent over four decades writing about and calling attention to conservation issues, and continues to spearhead the work of the Sanctuary Nature Foundation.


Steve Winter
National Geographic conservation photographer

He is a wildlife photojournalist who specialises in big cats and has been contributing to National Geographic for nearly 30 years. He has been named BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and BBC Wildlife Photojournalist of the Year. In 2013, National Geographic Books published his work Tigers Forever: Saving the World’s Most Endangered Cat with text written by Sharon Guynup. 


Dr. Anish Andheria
Conservation photographer and President, Wildlife Conservation Trust

A Carl Zeiss Conservation Awardee, he is a large carnivore biologist with field expertise in predator-prey relationships. A wildlife photographer of repute, Anish has photographed some of the remotest wildlife reserves in India. He has co-authored two books on Indian wildlife and contributed to several other national and international publications.


Nayan Khanolkar
Educationist, naturalist and wildlife photographer

A self-taught nature photographer, he has been documenting Indian wildlife for over 15 years. His background as a biology educationist supplements his on-field photography assignments. Following a decade-long career in bird photography, he is now documenting big cats in urban areas. He aims to sensitise people to animal behavior and promote conservation through his photographs.


Prasenjeet Yadav
Natural history and science photographer

He is a molecular ecologist turned National Geographic Photographer and Explorer. Early in his scientific career, he realised that his real passion lay in storytelling. He now combines his experience in research with his photography to popularise ecological and conservation sciences. He is currently working on projects funded by National Geographic, and travels the globe for his documentation and speaking engagements. 


Himanshuu Sheth
Commercial and Travel photographer

A widely-acclaimed commercial and travel photographer, he has worked with leading brands in fashion, product, lifestyle, food, jewelry, hotels, interior architecture and industrial photography. Through Himanshuu Sheth Photo Safaris, he leads and trains photographers in wildlife photography across landscapes in India, Turkey, Ecuador, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and more.


Dr. Parvish Pandya
Director, Science, Natural History and Photography, Sanctuary Asia

Dr. Pandya is senior academician, teaching at various levels for more than 40 years. He was the Vice Principal and Associate Professor in Zoology at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s College from 1982 to 2018. And currently is the Coordinator for the M.Sc. Programme in Biodiversity, Wildlife Conservation & Management at Bhavan’s College.


Lakshmy Raman
Executive Editor, Sanctuary Asia

She has edited several books on natural history, and is passionate about wildlife and conservation issues. Her articles on nature and wildlife have been published widely and she brings decades of experience to the task of bringing evocative images and stories from the wilds to larger audiences across the world.



Joanna Van Gruisen
Wildlife filmmaker and photographer, and lodge owner

She came to India in 1981 to make wildlife documentaries and has lived here ever since. An early pioneer of wildlife photography in India, she has been known for her contributions as a conservationist for decades. She presently lives in Madhya Pradesh where she co-runs a small eco lodge and is involved in local nature preservation projects.


Swati Thiyagarajan
Conservation and environmental journalist

An award-winning journalist, author and filmmaker, Swati spearheaded the show 'Born Wild' on NDTV, the first of its kind on a news channel and also the first all-women field crew in conservation filmmaking. She was associate producer on the Netflix film 'My Octopus Teacher' and is now part of the Sea Change Project, working to protect the Great African Seaforest.


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