The latest news on wildlife conservation, ecology and climate change.


Conserving the Dhole

A new study identifies priority actions and locations for conserving populations of the endangered Asiatic wild dog or dhole in India.


Major Oil Spill in the Arctic

The collapse of a power plant fuel tank has resulted in a massive oil spill into the Ambarnaya river within the Arctic Circle.


Myths on Bats and COVID-19

As the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists struggle to trace its origin. However, some have already convicted bats of spreading the virus.


Gazelles and the FMD Virus

Timely action taken at a community rescue centre by its caretaker, a professor and a veterinarian saves eight Indian gazelles from a virus.


Forests of India under Threat

A recent study highlights that 71 per cent of forest patches in India have reduced, impacted by infrastructure, which impedes wildlife movement and challenges biodiversity conservation efforts.


Protecting Paradise

A campaign against the proposal to construct a 50 km. long road through the heart of the Pakke Tiger Reserve, endangering wildlife and the indigenous Nyishi community.

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