The latest news on wildlife conservation, ecology and climate change.


Major Oil Spill in the Arctic

The collapse of a power plant fuel tank has resulted in a massive oil spill into the Ambarnaya river within the Arctic Circle.


Myths on Bats and COVID-19

As the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists struggle to trace its origin. However, some have already convicted bats of spreading the virus.


Gazelles and the FMD Virus

Timely action taken at a community rescue centre by its caretaker, a professor and a veterinarian saves eight Indian gazelles from a virus.


Forests of India under Threat

A recent study highlights that 71 per cent of forest patches in India have reduced, impacted by infrastructure, which impedes wildlife movement and challenges biodiversity conservation efforts.


Protecting Paradise

A campaign against the proposal to construct a 50 km. long road through the heart of the Pakke Tiger Reserve, endangering wildlife and the indigenous Nyishi community.


Jackal poaching on the rise

New study reveals that golden jackals in India are hunted for a pervasive illegal trade of their illusionary ‘jackal horns’.

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