Make Art for Mumbai's Mangroves

First published on May 04, 2021

Indian artists come together in support of Mumbai’s mangroves

Biodiversity by the Bay invites artists to #MakeArtforMumbaisMangroves

Mumbai’s mangroves cover an area of 66 sq. km. and pose as a natural barrier against sea level rise and coastal flooding, while welcoming a wealth of migratory birds and aquatic species. Biodiversity by the Bay presents artwork by renowned artists, and invites art created in support of Mumbai’s wetlands and its rich biodiversity under the hashtag #MakeArtforMumbaisMangroves. 

Fifty selected artworks will be presented as a Zine to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in June 2021.

Deadline: 22 May, 2021

The campaign was kicked off on Earth Day (April 22, 2021) with work by seven renowned artists:

  • Nayan Shrimali and Vaishali Chudasama, a duo of bird lovers and wildlife conservationists will showcase a miniature paper craft diorama that features the thriving ecosystem of these mangroves, highlighting the 17 species of birds that call these mangroves their home.
  • Mixed media artist Afrah Shafiq explores traditional folk forms, digital art and mosaic to create an animation that highlights mangroves as natural dissent outliers that quickly adapt to the changing surroundings.
  • Mumbai-based illustrator and visual artist Mira Malhotra has developed an illustration in her characteristic style of offbeat humour and unabashed love for colours. The work showcases various species of crabs, otters, fireflies and the flamingoes protecting their home, while urging us to do the same.
  • Renowned artist Michelle Poonawalla, has created a new work from her Butterfly Series depicting a lush green mangrove forest. The butterfly has often been a motif of her work and highlights the beauty of nature, whilst also showing the fragile and delicate predicament humanity has created for the natural world we encroach upon.
  • Svabhu Kohli, a visual storyteller who focuses on the intersection of magical-realism, conservation and art has created a ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’. Through this Svabhu highlights the astonishing biodiversity the mangrove forests hold within their entangled roots and mysterious canopies.
  • Artist and illustrator Anjali Mehta creates art with a purpose through her digital illustration 'Enroute Extinction: Mumbai Mangroves'. Through this artwork, she lays emphasis on Mumbai's unique green ecosystems and the countless species that they are home to.

“Our ambition is to invigorate a sense of collective ownership among citizens at large to unite to protect these biodiversity hotspots. Through the Make Art for Mumbai’s Mangroves initiative, our aim is to create an opportunity for citizens to present their vision for mangroves and wetlands to decision makers as evidence of their commitment to protect the city's biodiversity.” Arpita Bhagat, Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic.

The initiative is open for the public and alongside the the six highlighted artworks the initiative is supported by artists including Sid G, Yash Pradhan, Tara Anand, Poonam Bisht, Vishnu, Deepti, Sachin Bhatt and Vibhav Singh who will also be showcasing their works on their social media platforms.

Make Art for Mumbai’s Mangroves is a part of a series of dynamic and creative programmes conceptualised by the Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic to create a conversation around Mumbai’s rich wetlands and drive citizen action in favour of Mumbai’s rich biodiversity including a fellowship for youth to champion solutions for city’s public parks, a podcast to build a healthy climate discourse in the city, a series of creative tactics that bring attention to Koli community’s role as caretakers of city’s coastline and piloting initiative that creates biodiversity register for hyperlocally by engaging communities to present it to the decision makers.

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Shriya Pant:

Mumbai’s Ministry of Magic is a platform to unite citizens and showcase their collective action, mobilizing them to draw the attention of the local government to prioritise protection of Mumbai’s biodiversity hotspots, green spaces and its inhabitants. The goal of this community is to bring new voices into the climate movement and experiment with new approaches to climate conversations and public mobilisation. MMM collaborates with artists, musicians and performers to find new entry points into the biodiversity conversation.