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The Sanctuary Nature Foundation’s flagship Sanctuary Asia magazine founded and edited by Bittu Sahgal has been in continuous publication since 1981 and remains India's leading and best-loved magazine in its genre. Browse through select articles from our past issues.
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tripura with links to Sepahijhala

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The Forgotten Prophet
Bittu Sahgal writes about the late M.K.Gandhi and what he would have to say of the nation's governance's apathy towards our natural wealth.

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Meet Fateh Singh Rathore
About Fateh Singh Rathore and his love for tigers.

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The Crime Web
B.K. Sharma reveals here the shocking scale at which wildlife contraband traders use the internet with impunity, at the cost of rare and endangered species.

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Defending Paradise An inside stor...
In the core area of the Periyar Tiger Reserve, foot patrols are our primary defence strategy. It is a tough job because apart from the arduous terrain.

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Meet Dr. George Schaller
Considered by many to be the father of modern field biology, Dr. George Schaller speaks to Jennifer Scarlott about science, conservation and mission.

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Viji, the Turtle Girl
When you delve into the history of herpetological conservation in India, as I did recently, you keep bumping into one personality called J. Vijaya.

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The Wildlife Supermarket
B.K. Sharma sketches an outline of the manner in which the bloody business of wildlife trade thirves, in the very heart of New Delhi.

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Manas Magic
A long-time Manas aficionado, Joanna Van Gruisen revisits the World Heritage Site on its centenary celebrations and returns with memories.

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The Flaw in the Flu
Maan Barua weighs in on avian influenza viruses, their infection rates, and treatment options.

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Tragopans and Tribals: A Naga Tra...
Ashish Kothari and Neema Pathak write on how Community Reserves have an impact on conservation in Nagaland's tribal communities.

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Traversing The Sahyadris
East of Mumbai and a lifetime away from the megacity’s hustle and bustle is a natural treasure that was once visible on clear days at Colaba.

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