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The Sanctuary Nature Foundation’s flagship Sanctuary Asia magazine founded and edited by Bittu Sahgal has been in continuous publication since 1981 and remains India's leading and best-loved magazine in its genre. Browse through select articles from our past issues.
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NGO Profile: Artists With Animals
AWA is a collective of illustrators determined to use their skills to inform and involve the public on critical environmental issues through impactful art.

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Winged Whimsy: Mormons, Nawabs, P...
While documenting the butterflies of Kanha region, Madhya Pradesh, naturalist Pranad Patil learns the whimsical etymologies behind common butterfly names.

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Analysing India's Environmental G...
Ahead of the new draft of the Environmental Impact Assessment, three authors analyse how past amendments caused the loss of major swathes of India's forests.

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In Joanna's Footsteps
A young Kashmiri wildlifer dedicates his days to tracking Kashmir’s endangered and elusive hangul deer.

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Tigers in Leopard Habitat
Dumna Nature Park is Jabalpur's natural pride. Anshuman Singh writes of a proposal that could wreak havoc at this leopard and birding haven.

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The Impact Of One Health On Conse...
The Wildlife Conservation Trust explores the One Health paradigm, which links human health, animal health and the environment.

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Three Laws That Need Change
Neha Sinha suggests legislators should usher in three critical legal changes to protect India’s environmental security.

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A Country of Campaigns
A smattering of “development” projects that threaten to leave us open to further climate extremes and lethal pandemics-in-waiting.

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How COVID-19 has Impacted India's...
Nirmalya Chakraborty writes on how the COVID-19 and the resultant nationwide lockdown impacted India's Protected Areas, and it wild and human inhabitants.

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Mollem Campaign Tool Kit
A compilation of articles, reports, and other resources on the ongoing campaign to protect the Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Wilderness is also the Wayside
Common roadside plants host worlds of their own and create unique species unions, says Yuvan Aves, penning the story of his documentation of wayside plants.

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An Imagined Man-eater by the Bedt...
A renowned ecologist, Dr. Seshadri K.S. reminisces about his time in the Uttara Kannada forests, and voices concern about the railway project threatening them.

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